Thursday, March 8, 2007

Maybe it's Karma

Do you believe in Karma? I think I do. What comes around goes around. If you're a nasty person, eventually nastiness will come your way. And if you're a good person, that will also come back to you. So I'm thinking that the winner of my Blog Candy must really have some goodness due her. I did two drawings and this person was the winner both times! I assigned each of you a number based on the order that you commented to my blog post. The first person was #1 and the last person was #34, etc. So first I asked my daughter, Beth, to pick a number between 1 and 34. She automatically chose #5. When I went to see who #5 was I discovered that it was someone I know quite well. So I thought maybe it wouldn't look good to have her be the winner. So I made 34 little pieces of paper with the numbers on them and had Beth pick one. Unbelievably, she picked #5 again. How weird is that? I guess it was meant to be!

So the Blog Candy goes to: Beckie (Ladystamper)!!
WhooHoo!! Congratulations, Beckie!!

The photo is of Beth holding the paper with #5 written on it. When I told her what had happened she was laughing so hard I wasn't sure I would be able to take her picture. Beth knows Beckie and has spent most of her primary years determined that she will one day marry Beckie's second son, Thorin. Beckie and her family moved away almost five years ago, and the determination has finally waned. But I do have a great photo of Beth and Thorin when they were four years old. Thorin is on bended knee holding Beth's hands as they stare into each other's eyes. It is precious! So maybe, someday the two of them will cross paths again. Maybe it's Karma.

I'll be at the post office first thing in the morning to get your goodies in the mail, Beckie! Thank you all for leaving your comments. It was fun for me to hear what movies you all like and make some new friends. Keep checking back. I've got plans for some future posts!


Beckie said...

woo hoo for me!! I can't believe it! I guess I owe Beth....maybe a current picture of Thorin would be the ticket! can't wait for my goodies! Thanks Michelle!

Anonymous said...

How funny is that:) Congrats to Beckie - she was meant to win!
Linda SS

Dawn Mercedes said...

Congrats to the winner and the kind hostess!