Thursday, April 15, 2010

Birthday Card Swap

I pulled together a Birthday card swap with my friends. Each person had an assignment of what type of birthday card to make, boy, girl, teen, man, woman, or generic. All the cards are fabulous! I will definitely be doing this again next month for Thank you cards. Here are the cards for you to enjoy!

Birthday Balloons, by Becca Goodwin
Celebrate Today, by Michelle Hansen
Lovely Tree, by yours truly!
Cupcake, by DeeAnn Haworth
Purple Flowers, by Becca Goodwin
Slug Bug, by Michelle Hansen
Word Search, by me, again
You Rock!, by Lisa Jones
Gift and Tag, by DeeAnn Haworth
B is for Birthday, by Mina Krutsch
Airplane, by Christine Fouts

Aren't they just great?? I love them all. And I love that I now have a lot of cards to pick from when those birthdays sneak up on me, like they usually do.

If any of you card makers, that aren't local would like to join in our swap by mail, leave a comment with your email address and I will contact you.

Happy Crafting!