Sunday, January 17, 2010

Stamping... What's That?

I seriously cannot remember the last time I stamped before today. But I needed Birthday cards for Primary kids and teachers and I figured I could make a enough for the entire year. It was fun to get back into it. I was so stressed at first, trying to come up with a design and choosing a stamp set was so hard. Once I found the old Smile set from 2000 I knew I was on the right track. So I stamped 25 smile cards using several different background papers.
This card in brown and pink was designed once I had gotten warmed up. This time it was easier to pick stamps and I love the final result. Feel free to CASE me!
Just give credit where credit is due!
I still love this Smile set even after 10 years. It has gotten loads of use and I never tire of it.

I hope to do some more stamping soon. I need to make birthday cards for my own stash. Maybe I'll even get another post in this month!!