Thursday, February 12, 2009

love is...Chuck and Michelle

Walking hand in hand along the beach in Santa Monica. (January 2009)

Valentine's Day is almost here.  Chuck and I had our very first date on Valentine' Day in 1986.  But, in fact, we almost didn't go out.  I was planning on standing him up because when we made the date I hadn't realized that it was the super sappy love holiday and I didn't want him to get any crazy ideas about me.  But when he called to confirm on the 13th I just couldn't bring myself to stick with that plan.  So I went out with Chuck on a rainy Valentine's night in his leaky '72 Ford Bronco (which he still owns).  And the rest, as they say is history.

I worked for hours yesterday on a gift for my sweetie.  Since we were dating, Chuck has clipped the love is... cartoons and brought them to me often.  It all started on June 5, 1986 when we were in the midst of planning our wedding and the cartoon that day said "love is...getting married on nothing".  Which, of course, we were.  Over the years I have received dozens and dozens of these adorable cartoons.  And I've saved them too.  So yesterday I took about 45 of my favorites and put them in a photo album along with some journaling.  It has turned out so cute and I will get a few pics on here of it soon.

On a crafty note, I have been feeling so uncrafty lately.  But I did start a cute project the other day.  As soon as I finish that one, I will post pics.  It is a cool altering of manilla folders.  To see a beautiful sample you can do to Lisa's blog.  There is a link on my side bar.

Have a great Valentine's Day...I know I will!