Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Wanna Circle Journal With Me?

Are you up for a challenge? How about participating in a Circle Journal? It will be so much fun!! Here is how it works: Everyone starts a journal (preferably the 5x5 art book from Stampin' Up!). You decide the theme of your Journal. Some ideas are: favorite music, dream job, 10 thing I like. You can be totally creative here. Once you have decided your theme you make a page in your journal describing what the theme is and what you would like to see in your Journal. Like two page layouts, embellishments, layering, etc. You will need to include some kind of sign in page for your Journal and then create the first layout in your chosen theme. The journals will be mailed at the same time to the next person in the group. When you get someones journal you do the layout according to their theme and mail out on the next mail date. This will continue until everyone has done a layout for each journal and you get your own back.

One of the requirements that I would like to make for all books is that each layout uses a current Stampin' Up! stamp set and other current SU! products in the design including patterned paper. In addition to this being a lot of fun, it would be great to be able to use this as a sample for customers.

To sign up just leave me a comment to this post. Anyone can sign up as long as you are willing to use all SU! products and are ready to make this commitment. Of course, we would all expect that you would do your best work on the layouts and keep to the mail dates. Make sure that I have your email addy so that I can contact you directly about the mail dates and addresses. I would like to have at least 6 people sign up to begin.

Here is a sample of my first page in my Bella Circle Journal.


Lisa J. said...

Oh man, I pack all my scrap stuff and it will be on it's way to Utah on Saturday :(
I would of loved to have done this with you. I have one going with my daughters and daughters in-law.
Michelle, I will send you an e-mail with all my new address information.

Beckie said...

I want to play! Count me in!!

Carolyn said...

Michelle, I would love to join, too.

Anonymous said...

I've never done this, and I'm more than a little scared, but I want to! This is one way to REALLY stretch myself. Many of my customers are scrappers and this would be so good for me to do and then have to show them. Thanks!

Denise Long

Queen Mary said...

Me, me, pick me! I want to play! I too am having so much fun with the bella journal -- are you sure we can still get the 5x5s?

Bonnie Sliper said...

Hi Michelle,
I owe you a return email which I will write (promise).

Could you tell me more about the time frames? I'll contact my demo to get a journal before I make a commitment.

Cafe Ink said...

I have never participated in this type of swap. I would love to participate. I will order one of those books this weekend. I wanted one now I have an excuse.

Charmaine G

BonnieLou said...

I stopped at JoAnn's SuperStore tonight to find one of these little books...they don't stock them...can you get one for me or suggest where I can get one?