Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Hello Friends!  I'm wishing you a Happy 2009!!  I'm full of hope for a great year.   I'm working on setting some realistic goals and making a plan to make them happen.  I've never been one to make those New Year resolutions.  They looked like a set up to fail to me.  But this year I'm going to set goals for my physical and spiritual well being.

Our family got a Wii system from Grama and Poppa for Christmas.  We are having tons of fun with it.   We also got the Wii Fit program. Today was day 8 for me.  I'm really enjoying the activities and can already see a difference in my posture and balance.  So one of my goals is to be more flexible and fit and lose some more pounds. (I lost 20 pounds in 2008).

My youngest son, Matt, got his first dirt bike yesterday.  His goal is to ride proficiently.  I'll post some pictures soon of him with his bike and in his gear.  He's a cutie.


MARTHA said...

Best wishes in the new year!

An Everts Tale said...

Cute fun mac pics! That is an awesome goal... I need to do the same. :)