Friday, December 19, 2008

Winter Wonderland in the Desert!!

Snow in the desert?  You bet.  It doesn't happen very often, but when it does, we try to enjoy every minute of it.  Of course, it took five hours for Chuck to get home from work, but at least he made it.  Plenty of commuters didn't make it home until late the next day.

I love the way the trees looked covered in snow and ice!!
This is the front of my house all covered in snow.  So pretty!

Meagan, Beth and Matt had a ball making a snowman.  This was early in the day.  By the end of the day, there was no grass showing anywhere. 

So Christmas vacation started two days early for the kids in town!  Yeah!  And while the kids played outside in the snow, I baked Christmas cookies.  A double batch of Spritz and a double batch of frosted sugar cookies.  Meagan did come in and help with the sugar cookies.  She did all the rolling and cutting out.  She is a great helper.

While we did enjoy the snow, we are glad that it is just a once in a while event.  I don't think I'd be too thrilled with the white stuff all winter long.

Have a great Christmas.  I will!!


Lisa said...

Wasn't that awesome! I thought it was so pretty.
Great snowman!
Love your new picture too.

MARTHA said...

Love that snowman! It seemed everyone had one in their yard.