Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Here's How We'll Be Spending Saturdays!

This past Saturday was our first of many to go out to the desert and ride.  Matt had a fabulous time on his new (used) Honda XR80.  He is getting better at shifting all the time. For years Matt has been saying that when he grows up he wants to be a dirt bike racer.  I would laugh since he didn't even have one.  But now that he does, I may have to start worrying!  We went out to the desert with Chuck's folks and his sister and her family.  Their four year old just got a dirt bike for Christmas so he was having a blast also.  Next Saturday we'll also be joined by Chuck's brother and his family.  

Once we had been out riding for a while on Saturday, Beth (age 13) decided that she would like to give it a try.  So Matt was generous enough to offer his bike for her to learn on and putt around for a while.  She was so excited and had a great time.  When she gave the bike bak to Matt, all she could say was, "can I have another turn?"  It certainly wasn't in our immediate plans to get her a bike of her own, but we did just that yesterday anyway.  So this Saturday she will have her own dirt bike to ride all day.  Hers is a 2004 Yamaha TTR125.

The first photo is a picture of her riding Matt's bike last Saturday. I got the photos on here in wrong order and couldn't figure out how to change it!  I'm a dork!

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