Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More of us are getting in on the biking act!

We don't usually tend to do things half-way.  And since the entire extended family is into dirt biking we're jumping in feet first.  Last week we bought two more bikes.  On is for Beth and I plan to share with her.  And one is for Chuck.  We are having a ball learning to ride.  Actually chuck is already a skilled rider so he is teaching the rest of us the ropes.  So far Jacob is the only one in our little family to not come out riding.  At 17, he'd rather sleep that get up at 7:00 a.m. to go out to the desert.
Beth looked awesome in her gear with her new bike.
Here is a better shot of Matt with his bike all made up in his Monster gear.
Chuck is loving his bike.  It's a 1987 Honda 600.
Here's me getting a lift from my sweetie.  

Next on our list of purchases is a helmet for me.  I did borrow a helmet and get acquainted with Beth's bike a bit though.  What fun!

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Lisa said...

Look at you "Dirt Bike MaMa"
How fun is that! I have road a dirt bike a few times, I do have to say it is a blast! Have fun Ü