Saturday, December 6, 2008

iMac and Holidays Happenings

Today we brought home our new iMac computer. I'm totally excited. We have always had PC's so now we have to learn something new. But I think it will be a great change! And isn't is beautiful?? So in the next few weeks I may be moving my blog to an iweb page. I'll keep you posted.

On the family front, we are busy getting ready for the holidays. The tree is going up today. The lights went up last week. And baking will commence this week. Yeah!

Last night we went to the Drama Holiday Showcase at the High School. Jacob enjoyed playing several parts during the Showcase. It was really energetic and funny. Jacob is sad that so many chapters of his life are coming to a close now that it is his senior year. Tonight will be his last drama performance in high school. He's already turned in his Senior paper and is anticipating the Christmas Show Choir performance coming up in two weeks. He'll be singing a solo at that. Chuck and I are so proud of him!


April said...

I have the same imac. I love , LOVE , love. At first I didn't care about mac's my husband always wanted it. But now it's my baby! I like it more than pc's but some of the programs are different from the pc so you just have to get used to it.

An Everts Tale said...

Hey! We have a mac too and it is amazing! Your blog is so cute. I didn't know Jacob was in Show Choir, I was too in HS. Oh and I can't believe you were EVER team Jacob!! :) Just Kidding. But there are some things that Edward did that annoyed me but I'm all team Edward.