Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Meagan's Sweatshirt Quilt

Meagan chose to make a quilt for one of her ten-hour projects for Personal Progress. As we discussed what sort of quilt it would be, she settled on using old sweatshirts for the top. So we gathered up all the old sweatshirts from around the house and bought a couple at the thrift store and she got to cutting.

The process was more difficult than she had anticipated and she even contemplated giving up. But I assured her that she would love the end results and all the work and aggravation would be worth it. So she persevered. For the backing she chose a charcoal gray fleece. A nice solid to coordinate with the colorful top. Then she picked icy teal yarn to tie the quilt with.

Once it was done, she was thrilled with the quilt and so happy that she had finished. She has been curling up with it non-stop since. And it is really warm and cozy!
The finished quilt!

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MARTHA said...

Again, I'm impressed. It's so good to hear from you Michelle. I didn't know it had been such a long time since you posted. I've been so busy too. I like your new picture on your sidebar with Matthew. Trick or Treat!