Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gold Rush Fun

Matt was required to make a diorama for school recently.  He could choose between a mission or the gold rush.  I'm so glad he decided on the gold rush.  We had a good time putting the project together.  Even Meagan helped locate just the right legos for the job.  We did our research and learned several things about this time in history.  One interesting tid-bit: people rarely bathed. Yuck!  I'm happy to be around during the age of indoor bathrooms.

School is winding down.  Thank goodness.  I think.  It will only take about a week before the kids are whining, "I'm bored".  Every summer I threaten to make a chore list that the kids will have to choose from every time they say those dreaded words.  Maybe I'll actually do that this summer.  I wish the world was more like when I was a kid.  I would take off in the morning and not be home till dark.  My friends and I would explore nearby hills, teach ourselves to roller skate backwards, make up dance moves to "It's a Hard Knock Life" from Annie.  There was always something fun to do.  These days, the kids only know a few neighbors and they spend most of their time on the computer or playing video games.  How boring!

Feel free to share ideas on how to occupy the long days of summer!  I'd love to read them.


MARTHA said...

Our summer days are filled with what I call "Pioneer School". When the kids were little they always thought it was fun. Not so with big kids, but our summer ritual is set so they have their assignments anyway. Sam will be reading everyday and I expect him to deal with some math facts everyday too. I'll come up with something for him to work on. I also have a chart which includes daily chores and habits along with his "Pioneer School" assignments. The daily accumulation of stickers equals a prize or award later in the summer. This is the free chore chart I use these days:

Michelle Tweedy said...

Love this! Just what I needed. Thanks!

Mike said...

Michelle Rocks!