Thursday, June 18, 2009

A day at Six Flags

Tuesday I took Matt and Beth and two of Beth's friends to the local Six Flags Park. Beth was celebrating her 1/2 birthday. Which we do since her birthday is so close to Christmas. And Matt had a free ticket from the reading program at school. We had a great day. The weather was great and the park wasn't very crowded at all. We even rode Scream (see pic above) four times. Beth and her two friends went off on their own while Matt and I on ours. We met up every few hours and rode several rides together.

Matt was so fun to hang out with. He is a fun kid and so very generous. He always wanted to make sure I was having fun throughout the day. We got wet on a couple of water rides and loved the many roller coasters. We only skipped the few with lines that took over an hour.

This is Matt's last week of school. The other kids are all out for the summer already. So I'll need to come up with some fun (but cheap) activities to do with the kids.

I hope you are planning a fun summer!

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MARTHA said...

What a good boy! Glad you had fun. Filling those summer days can make life very busy. Looking forward to a play day for the boys next week. Hope you have a great summer filled with memories.