Friday, May 1, 2009

The show is FABULOUS!!

Jacob and cast signing and dancing to Love Shack!  Jake sounded just like Fred from the B-52's!
Rebecca signing Walking on Sunshine.  This is one of my All Time Favorite songs.
Victoria and Jacob singing and dancing to The Time of My Life.  They were both fantastic!

Opening night was great!  The show is very high energy and the kids did a great job.  Jacob and Victoria sang their hearts out and sounded beautiful.  Rebecca Cross was adorable as "Eileen" and I loved when she sang my favorite song.  Then Jacob sang "Come On,  Eileen" to her.  Amazing!!  John Ercek stole the show as the class nerd!  Zoe and Katie were just perfect and Josh was the perfect cool kid.  

If you are in the area, take the time to see the show.  Times are posted on the previous post here.  You can't get more entertainment for the money!  You'll go home singing and smiling!

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MARTHA said...

I can hardly wait!