Friday, April 11, 2008

Scrapping Friday

I'm all set to scrap the morning away again this week. I have finally printed all the digital photos that I have been holding in my camera for nearly a year. So I have TONS of photos to work with. I really need to get on the ball and get some pages done. Here is a page I did last Friday while scrapping with my mom. This is from Mother's Day 2006. I very rarely do a one page layout or a page with only one picture. But what the heck, it was a cute pic of me (which are rare in the scrapbook) and my littlest sweetie. Remember that I mentioned I stink at taking photos of scrapbook pages? Well, this is case in point. I need some tips. How do you photograph your scrapbook pages for blog land? Help a girl out!
Last night I went with my oldest son to get measured for his tux for prom. Aww! My baby is going to prom on April 26th. I'm looking forward to scrapping those pictures and they aren't even taken yet!
Do something creative today and have a great weekend.


Wanda. said...

GREAT page Michelle. I need to start doing more scrapbooking!

Beckie said...

Cute page! I have that paper pink and brown. Love it!! To take pictures of scrap pages, I lay them on the floor in a well lit area. Then I stand up and zoom in. You want the flash far away. The best pictures are taken outside in the sunshine without a flash.
Good luck! I look forward to seeing more of your pages!