Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What a Turkey!!

Okay, I always laugh when I see food that is shaped like something else...have you seen the cornflake shaped like Illinois? It's out there!! Well, Sunday morning I was making pancakes and this is what I saw. It's a turkey!! Do you see it?? Well, I decided not to sell it on Ebay. I ate it. It was good.


Beckie said...

I would have paid big money for that! LOL I totally see the turkey. You are a nut.

Feenie said...

How funny!!!
It also looks like a tea pot!
Thanks for morning smiles.

Lisa said...

YOU ate him.....oooooh

Anonymous said...

hahaha! I honestly thought you had a turkey-shaped pancake mold!!! That IS a turkey...and it was probably better off in your tummy! Now if it had been the virgin Mary...you'd of had some big bucks on your hands! :D