Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Star is Born

Well, he was born almost 17 years ago, technically. Jacob had the lead role in the Spring Musical at his high school. They performed Bye, Bye Birdie four times in three days. I was able to attend all three evening shows and loved every minute of it. Jacob played Albert Peterson. He was cute and funny and has a terrific singing voice. This photo shows Jacob in the brown suit in the center. He is telling (singing) about Conrad Birdie arriving soon.
Jacob will even get an opportunity to reprise his role at another high school's show. A nearby high school happens to be doing the same musical but, unfortunately, their student who was to do the role of Albert, has become ill. Jacob feels badly for the young man who has to step down, but is excited to help out and do two more shows. This does mean more rehearsals for the last two weeks of school and driving about 25 miles each way to get there. I can't wait to see him sing again! I'm such a proud mama!!


Wanda. said...

How fun for you and your son! Hope you're going to scrapbook this!!! TFS

Beckie said...

How cool for him! sounds like he is in demand! Wish I could come see him too! Oh well, when he is a big movie star I can say " I knew him when he was still doing impressions in the back of my car!"

Diana said...

Wow! That's exciting for him, just not on mom's gas tank! I'm glad all is going well. His prom pic is wonderful! I can't believe he is old enough for prom!!! Oh man! Say hi to Chuck and enjoy that boy perform!!!