Thursday, January 24, 2008

Beckie and Me in Palm Springs

Well, I'm obviously doing a poor job on my goal to post more regularly! Today I'll tell you about my two day excursion to Palm Springs a couple of weeks ago. I was to meet my dear friend, Beckie at 11:30 at the PS Airport when her plane landed. So off I went, leaving my house around 9am. Shortly after 10am, Beckie called to say that she had missed her connecting flight in Phoenix. Dagnabbit!! Well, I decided to sally forth and find something to do in Palm Springs when I got there. It was a nice drive down. I had never been to Palm Springs before. When I arrived I drove through the town and figured my way around. It is a pretty small town so that didn't take too long. On my way I discovered a movie theater and decided that seeing a movie would be a great way to kill some time. So I found a parking space and headed over to the cineplex. As I approached I was looking at the movie posters outside and I didn't recognize a single movie! How odd! I figured I must have found the uppity movie theater of foreign films. So I figured I would ask where the regular theater was. Ha! All the theaters in town were playing movies for the International Film Festival! What lousy timing on my part! Now, I have seen a few foreign films over the years, but only on recommendation. I'm more of your romantic comedy fan.

So I had lunch at a fast food place and found the library. I sat in the library reading my book and then took a walk in the adjacent park. It was quite a relaxing day, actually. I finally got to pick up Beckie at 4:30pm. We checked into the hotel and met up with our roommates. Beckie, Kimber and April were all there for the Stampin' Up! Leadership Conference. I was just there to visit with Beckie! We had a fun evening walking around Palm Springs and visiting. The next day I took photos of some of Kimber's swaps. I like this one the best!

Beckie, Kimber and I went to breakfast in the hotel and visited some more. I had a great time until it was time to go. They had to get started at Leadership and I had to get home for Cub Scouts. Here is a pic of me and Beckie. Aren't we cute?

On my next post I'll tell you about the Cake Decorating Class I'm taking with my mom. I have pics of my first two cakes, too!


Beckie said...

Yes, actually, we ARE cute! Thanks so much for driving all that way just to visit me! You are the bestest!!

Deborah said...

Sounds like it all worked out and you all had fun! Deb

Mistylynn said...

What a great card. Looks like fun to make.
Have a great day.